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Singing for the president of Kazakhstan

I had the privilege of experiencing something different today. I sang for the President of Kazakhstan!

I received a last minute phone call from my friend, saxophonist Paul Spaccavento and not really knowing what to expect, we, together with another pianist ventured on a little road trip to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi on what felt like an adventure.

After a few wrong turns and passing through military-like security we finally reached the gates to the driveway of the luxurious estate (in the middle of nowhere) and were asked to step out of the car, leave it on the outside, phones inside. So in other words – no pictures!

Shame, the beach was beautifully decorated and lit and a table was set on the pier for the President and his family.

We waited for what seemed like forever, unsure if we would be called to perform at all. Then, finally we performed a few songs and were applauded. It was a long night but a short gig. We drove back to Dubai, dazzled, tired and with good feedback. So, happy!

Only in Dubai…

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